Invisible Poisons

My brother is convinced I am being slowly poisoned by phenylalanine and/or aspartic acid.  Now, he didn’t say phenylalanine or even aspartic acid, he said sweetener, aspartame to be exact.  I have looked into it and, sure enough, the sweetener I use (canderel) contains aspartame.  I looked up aspartame and there is a huge amount of stuff out there on how terrible this product is.  It can cause, among other things:  headaches, nausea, weight gain, increased appetite, diarrhoea, fatigue, dizziness and excessive menstrual pain.  Now, I can relate to some, if not all of these and it seems slightly bizarre that it would cause weight gain and an increase in appetite when its primary function is to help people reduce weight (I acknowledge diabetic requirements as a secondary reason).  The more weight that is gained the more a person reverts to diet versions of their favourite/popular foods – a rolling snowball gathering momentum.

There are also several pages dedicated to debunking this myth, but one wonders at the test carried out and whether they were conducted on humans and what the margins were.

Well, the only way to truly tell whether or not it is affecting me is to give it up.  So, over the next 5 weeks I shall revert to full-on sugar products.  I was amazed at how many of the items in my kitchen are reduced/low/non-fat and contain these chemicals.  The maximum daily amount is equivalent to about 15 cans of diet cola (for me) and if I were to calculate my intake with all these additional items I probably come to about 10 cans worth.  Not quite the maximum, but close enough I would say, and if I’m consuming that on a daily basis then I’m not doing myself any favours…or my family.  So, me first.  I shall keep you updated with messages attached to this post.

Wish me luck.


About Bea Turvey apprentice author and witch

I am a wild-haired author who cannot stop writing. The writing process is not a task for me. It is an extension of myself. When I write, I lose myself as easily as if I slipped into the story for a swim. Writing became a serious part of my life in Decmber of 2009. Unless you're reading this in 2017 it wasn't that long ago, and the bug hit me hard and fast. My first novel, Banished, was published in March 2010 and is available at If you read it, or anything else I've written, I hope you'll post a review and let me know why you liked it - or even why not!
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2 Responses to Invisible Poisons

  1. Well, I’ve had my first morning coffee sans sweetener and … I don’t feel like having another. Normally I’d have at least three.

    • I had thought that performing this excercise at the start of the summer holidays was a little foolish as I tend to lie-in nearly every day and that would make a huge difference to my energy levels mid-afternoon. Well, I’m now back at work and I can honestly report that I do not feel like falling asleep after lunch. Nor do I crave sweet things as much as I used to. For the second day running I have had a banana instead of the muffin or biscuit I would normally consume (I henstly didn’t feel like eating them). Is that a side-effect? The craving of sweet things? It will be a few more months before I can confidently pronounce that ditching sweetners has had a significant effect.

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