Are You Squeamish?

What is it about the depraved that just makes you want to know the gory details and then disclaim over what you’ve learnt? Don’t read this if you’re squeamish, don’t like reading about surgical procedures or watching Jackass.  Seriously, Don’t!

Okay, the url is pretty informative, so you  get the idea that this is pretty horrible.  It was in the education section of The Guardian below an article about social groups in pre-teen girls.   I very nearly gave my daughter the relevant page before realising what was on the bottom.  The title was ambiguous as well.  Once I read the first couple of paragraphs and knew what it was about I just had to read the rest!  Why!  I don’t understand it.  I know there is a certian aspect of voyeurism about it but I would never choose to watch any of this in rea life.  Is it that factor, the sheer ickyness of it?  And is it the same sense of ‘What on Earth!’ that makes people read about the stars’ lives – something so outside the realm of our ordinary, boring lives that it is as good as a piece of fiction?

Certainly it is good fodder for many writers out there and recently I have started cutting out little snippets from papers about the terrible things that happen in people’s lives, for research purposes.

BTW this is the first time I have tried to add  a link to a blog so if it doesn’t work I’ll come back and paste the url.

Here is the url:


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2 Responses to Are You Squeamish?

  1. chapter18 says:

    The link is not visible. Visited this blog after quite a while. Like the recent posts.


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