Saree Blouse Pattern

Casipillai Saree

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For years and years I have had to suffer the tailor’s draughty dressing room while his sharp pins threatened to introduce a new piercing  whenever I went in for blouse fittings just so I could finally wear the saree I’d been saving up for.  Not only that, but whenever I changed shape it had to be altered.  So, I finally decided to make my own (blouse not tailor) only to come up with my first obstacle: there are no saree (or sari) blouse patterns out there.  Therefore I have decided to take that oh, so drastic action and unstitch some of my blouses (all different sizes) and post my findings. 

I shall attempt to post the patterns so that any of you who are keen to make your own blouses can go through the experience with me but I’m not quite sure how to do that in a way that would be convenient.  Maybe I ought to place it onto graph paper and photograph it?  If you are  in the same position let me know how you would like me to post my results; what would work best for you?  Should I take a picture of the blouse before I take it apart?  I’ll include sizes for each one, to make life easier.  All the blouses I’ll be destroying are standard – not the designer type (no way!).  I’m hoping at some point to also be able to include details on how I’ve amended the pattern to make it more interesting – my own attempt at a designer  version!


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One Response to Saree Blouse Pattern

  1. Since writing this blog I have bought the book ‘Textiles and Dress of Gujarat’ which has, hurrah!, patterns at the back. They aren’t pull-out ones, but the basic design with measurements. I shall try these out first. Here is the link in case you’re interested:

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