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It has been so hot this last week that I finally gave in, bared my legs and put on a pair of shorts only to stare at myself in horror.  I look as though I’ve done nothing but feed on doughnuts on all winter.  My boobs have always been huge but I was grateful for my small waist to offset them.  My waist no longer exists!  Under all the bulky sweaters and layers it wasn’t particularly noticeable but with a T-shirt and shorts there’s no hiding the lack.  I am a walking sack of gently rolling curves.  Chest, waist, hips and thighs all flow into and over each other.  So I am, as of now, off the muffins.  I’ll just eat this last one though…

Author: Bea Turvey apprentice author and witch

I am a wild-haired author who cannot stop writing. The writing process is not a task for me. It is an extension of myself. When I write I lose myself as easily as if I slipped into the story for a swim. Writing became a serious part of my life in Decmber of 2009. Unless you're reading this in 2014 it wasn't that long ago, and the bug hit me hard and fast. My first novel, Banished, was published in March 2010 and is available at If you read it, or anything else I've written, I hope you'll post a review and let me know why you lied it - or even why not!

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